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Ruby Snippets, From XML To Sniped!

A tool for the lazy programmer (like me)...
by Huw Collingbourne
Friday 15 December 2006.

I’m trying to think of some useful Ruby snippets. If you’ve got any ideas, folks, please let me know!

Snippets are those auto-expansion thingummies that you can plonk into the Visual Studio code editor either by selecting them from a popup menu or by entering a few characters as a shortcut and pressing the Tab key. Most snippets have one or more highlighted ‘replacement points’ into which you can enter some text – say, the name of a variable – and, in some cases, this name will automatically ‘propagate’ to other parts of the snippet. Here, for example, is a Ruby get/set snippet. I start this off by entering its shortcut, ‘getset’, into the editor:


Then I press the Tab key and, hey presto, it expands into a block of code which, in this case, happens to be a pair of getter and setter methods.

The snippet has two highlighted ‘replacement points’ with ‘placeholder’ text: name and aName. The first of these, name, is the more interesting as it occurs as part of the two method names get_name and set_name and also as part of the instance variable name, @name . In fact, I want to rename the methods to get_val and set_val while I want the instance variable to be called @val .

That’s easy to do. I just edit the first replacement point, changing the placeholder text name to my desired identifier, val. Having done that, I press Tab to move to the next replacement point, aName and, as I do so, all the occurrences of the original name are automatically changed to val.

Snippets can, in principle, of course, be much longer and more complex than this one. I love timesavers like this when I’m coding - which is why I was very keen to get snippets into Ruby In Steel.

Visual Studio Snippets are saved in XML format and, while they can be edited by hand, I personally don’t find writing hand-coded XML sufficiently entertaining to want to do it on a regular basis. Which explains why I have recently been programming a snippet editor (called Sniped!) for Ruby In Steel. This will let you create snippets just by filling in some text fields. So far I’ve created the obvious Ruby snippets – begin..until, begin..while, if, if..else and so forth. If you have any ideas for other candidates for self-expanding Ruby code snippets, please say…

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  • Ruby Snippets, From XML To Sniped!
    15 December 2006

    Please include ruby in steel equivalents of all the snippets that come with Textmate.


    • Ruby Snippets, From XML To Sniped!
      16 December 2006, by Huw

      As I’m not a Textmate user, I may need a bit of guidance on this ;-)

      Is there a list of Textmate snippets somewhere? Actually, one of the reasons why I decided to program a Ruby snippet editor is to let people who have favourite snippets from other applications recreate them for Ruby In Steel. Maybe we should have a ’Snippet Library’ on the web site so that users can upload snippets to share with other people?

      best wishes


      • Ruby Snippets, From XML To Sniped!
        16 December 2006, by Mark

        if you have an online repository, it might be nice to have the option of a snippet download utility that syncs and downloads approved content from the repository.

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