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by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 20 September 2008.

There is now a huge amount of information on this web site - so much so that we often find that we are asked questions that we have already answered in articles, eBooks, FAQs, tutorials or movies.

To help out, we have now began to reorganize the site to help people locate relevant information. We have begun with the Tutorials section. This has now been divided into four separate parts:

- Tutorials (Main)
This contains step-by-step guides to features of the Ruby In Steel IDE including its editor and debugger.

  • Programming
    These tutorials are devoted to elements of the theory and practice of Ruby programming.
  • Rails
    These tutorials are all about developing Ruby On Rails applications.

We also have some ‘screencast’ movie tutorials which explain how to create new Ruby projects, use the Visual Rails workbench to do drag-and-drop user interface design and make use of the fast ‘Cylon’ debugger.

Over the months ahead, we will continue to reorganize this site to make it easier to find things. These are some useful sections:

- The Developers Blog
This is where the developers of Ruby In Steel hang out. It is where you will find all the latest news on forthcoming developments of Ruby In Steel and other projects such as the Sapphire programming language.

- The FAQ
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

- Resources For learning Ruby
The Little Book Of Ruby - a complete free eBook in 10 chapters
The Book Of Ruby - a really big, in-depth eBook ‘in development’ (download latest version)

- If You get Lost...
Site Map

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