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Ruby On Rails Code Completion and Debugging (news digest)

News Digest: October 2007
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 29 September 2007.

Ah, how quickly the months go by. Once again it’s time for our regular monthly digest of news related to the development of Ruby in Steel. This month, as always, I’ll start with a summary of some of the things we’ve announced here on the blog or in the forum during the past four weeks. Then I’ll move on to give you a quick preview of some things that will be coming along during the weeks ahead...

- The .NET / Ruby Connector
We released a free drag and drop component during September. The Ruby Connector lets you design visual applications using a .NET language and the Visual Studio form designer and connect them up to your Ruby programs. More info here. Or go straight to the Download Page.

- Ruby On Rails Code Completion
Our focus in Ruby In Steel has always been to provide - first and foremost - great support for Ruby, no matter which (if any) framework you might use with it. As we move towards Ruby in Steel 1.2, however, we are increasingly boosting the special support for Rails. First stop: IntelliSense. More info here and here.

- Looking To The Future
We released an ‘edge’ release of Ruby In Steel 1.1.5 this month (available to registered users) which includes most of the new IntelliSense features, plus extra integrated consoles (IRB, Script, Generate/Rake and Rails) and a docked RDoc viewer. We also released to registered users a beta of Ruby In Steel for Visual Studio 2008. If you are a registered user and you need access to these, please either contact us via the forum or email support (see the Contacts page).

- Advance News For October
We will ship Ruby In Steel 1.1.5 with advanced Rails IntelliSense and debugging in October. We are confident that our new Rails code-completion features cannot be rivalled by any of our competitors. We have also enhanced the ‘Cylon’ debugger to provide some new Ruby and Rails debugging capabilities - all done at ultra-fast speed, giving our debugger an unparalleled combination of speed and accuracy.

We’ll provide more in-depth information on the new release of Ruby In Steel here on the blog in the coming weeks...

Oh, and one final little item. Did you know that Ruby In Steel runs on a Macintosh...?

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