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Ruby In Steel With InstantRails

Easier than we thought...?
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 20 August 2007.

We do not offer any dedicated support for ’custom’ Rails installers such as InstantRails and generally advise people to do a ’standard’ Ruby and Rails installation as explained in our guide to Setting Up Ruby (and Rails) For Ruby In Steel – From Scratch.

We recommend a standard installation due to the fact that InstantRails works inside its own self-contained environment with its own version of the Apache server. Getting Apache to work with Rails is not straightforward and getting InstantRails and its own ‘special installation’ of Apache to cooperate with Ruby In Steel is not a task for the faint of heart.

But maybe we’ve been over cautious. After all, when you run Ruby In Steel you can ignore Apache altogether and run (and debug) using a server such as WEBrick. At any rate, I was interested to read a recent blog entry by Ernst Kuschke in which he reckons it took him only a few minutes to get the Personal Edition of Ruby In Steel running with InstantRails:

"Change your Ruby In Steel Configuration to point to the correct paths in the InstantRails install location. (You only need to change your MySQL- and Ruby paths)."

What can I say? If you are using InstantRails, give it a go.
- Ernst Kuschke’s blog on Ruby In Steel.

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