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Ruby In Steel/Visual Rails Workbench Feature List

Preview of New Features
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 15 April 2008.

SapphireSteel Software will shortly release the version 1.2 of Ruby In Steel Developer featuring a unique drag and drop web design environment, The Visual Rails Workbench.

We have today updated the Features List so that you may now preview the full range of additions in this new version. In addition to the Visual Rails Workbench itself, there are major new features in debugging, including Tracepoints (the ability to evaluate variables and print messages when execution hits a specific code line without forcing a ‘break’), Break on Hitcount (stop when a line executes a specific number of times), Run a Macro on Break, Conditional Breakpoints (break when one or more specified conditions are met), break on exception (if, for example, you try to divide by zero this will take you into debugger) and integrated JRuby debugging with our new ‘JCylon’ debugger.

- See The Features List

Ruby In Steel Developer 1.2 (including the Visual Rails Workbench) will be released next week. It will a free update to registered users of Ruby In Steel Developer. See A Brief Guide To The Visual Rails Workbench

- Buy Ruby In Steel Developer now (1.1.5) and update at no extra cost to Ruby In Steel 1.2.

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