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Ruby In Steel Screencasts

Bubble and squeak...
by Huw Collingbourne
Sunday 3 February 2008.

We discovered recently that some of our screencasts had mysteriously started misbehaving.

On consulting the Techsmith’s Camtasia site (Camtasia is the screen recording software we used to generate the screencasts) we found that this is a known problem which afflicts only the very latest version of Adobe’s Flash player when combined with a certain mix of audio options. The end result is that the voice-over periodically goes into Betty Boop mode. At any rate, Techsmith has released a tool to fix this issue and we’ve just processed our screencasts and uploaded the (hopefully) fixed versions. Most of the screencasts can be found on our Movies page. But there are also a few others lurking in various dark corners of the site.

With luck, the audio should now play back ok. However, if you happen to come across one that suddenly starts jumping around and squeaking in a madcap Betty Boop manner, please let us know...

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  • Ruby In Steel Screencasts
    4 February 2008

    Thanks for mentioning this.

    It made me have a quick look at the screencasts again. Previously I did not spend much time watching the movies because of time pressures and I also thought that I mostly know the features of RiS, after having used it for a while. Amongst others, after watching the screencasts, I started playing with the code snippets again.

    Previously I entered <= % %> "by hand" (this is such an awkward set of keystrokes.) However, it is really neat that I can just select text and then select "surround with: rails tags" from the short cut menu (which is also context sensitive). Alternatively enterering rt and pressing tab is also very handy to get the rails tags. These little features are so cool and useful.

    (However, I must note that the powerful debugging and object inspection is still my favorite feature in RiS :)

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    Regards Willem

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