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Ruby In Steel (‘Red Fire’) Developments

Testing IntelliSense and moving towards the new fast debugger…
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 16 October 2006.

Just a quick note to let people know that we are just about to start the first phase of beta-testing for the commercial Developer Edition (‘Red Fire’) of Ruby In Steel. We’ve had far more requests to join the beta test program than we had anticipated and I’d like to thank everyone who’s written to us. It’s good to know that so many people are so keen!

We decided, however, that we really wanted to work quite closely with a small number of beta-testers in this first phase and we’ve therefore whittled down the group to just ten people. I’m sorry we haven’t been able to add everyone to the beta test program. However, we may want to expand the group later on (in November/December) so maybe we’ll be in touch with a few more of you at that time…

Ruby IntelliSense

This first phase of testing will be concentrating mainly on IntelliSense for Ruby. As regular readers of this blog will know, we have been putting a lot of effort into getting real, meaningful, useful IntelliSense with good type-inference, scoping and context sensitivity. For some background info see:

- IntelliSense in depth
- Ruby IntelliSense – the finer points

We’ll also be testing our ‘hovering help’ RDoc tooltips. See:
- QuickInfo and RDoc

Plus there’ll be Ruby snippets, smart indenting and an experimental tool which we are keeping quiet about for now (well, it’s so experimental that we haven’t even decided whether or not to keep it yet).

The ‘Cylon’ Debugger

The second phase of development will concentrate on one of the really exciting features of the Developer Edition: our new, super-fast Debugger (code named Cylon).

We now have an alpha version of the Cylon debugger operational and it will be going out to the test group in a month or so. All I’m saying for now is that this thing is fast. I mean, really fast. It works with the regular Ruby interpreter – no ‘special version’ required – and it will have more features than the debugger in the free edition of Ruby In Steel.

You may be wondering how we managed to get this thing to go so fast. I’d like to tell you, I really would, but Dermot (the man who wrote the Cylon debugger) has informed me, in very colorful terms, of the things he will do to me if I so much as breathe a word – hence, my lips are sealed ;-)

Anyway, the first beta of ‘Red Fire’ will be going out to our testers towards the end of this week. I’ll add some screen shots and Camtasia movies online shortly to demo a few of its features…

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