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Ruby In Steel Personal - FREE with PC Pro

Free IDE plus Facebook tutorial
Saturday 10 May 2008.

This month’s edition of the UK’s PC Pro magazine (it says July on the cover but it’s already available in the middle of May, I promise you) has a free copy of Ruby In Steel on the cover DVD!

Ruby In Steel Personal (2008) is available exclusively with PC Pro. It contains everything you need to get up and running with Ruby and Rails including a free Ruby-language copy of Visual Studio 2008. The Personal Edition has all the same editing and project management features as our commercial editions. It has wizards to help create Ruby and Rails projects, it has a docked interactive Ruby console and an automatic Rails project runner (just press CTRL+F5 to start the server and run your application). In essence, this is just like the Ruby In Steel Text Edition but without integrated debugging and snippets. The software is fully functional and is not time-limited. If you are looking for a free Ruby On Rails development environment, grab a copy of PC Pro #165/July (DVD Edition only) .

As an added bonus, this month’s PC Pro also begins a new tutorial series on developing Facebook applications using Ruby On Rails and the Facebooker plugin. This series is written by Huw Collingbourne, one of the developers of Ruby In Steel.


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  • Ruby In Steel Personal - FREE with PC Pro
    10 May 2008, by Ron Green

    Too bad it’s not available here in the states.

    • Ruby In Steel Personal - FREE with PC Pro
      10 May 2008, by Huw Collingbourne

      I have a feeling that some bookshops (Barnes and Noble / Borders etc.) may stock PC Pro. Though the latest issue won’t be on sale there yet. Still, it’s worth checking.

      best wishes


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