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Ruby In Steel News Update, March 2007

The Ruby In Steel News Digest
by Huw Collingbourne
Friday 2 March 2007.

Latest news: software updates, information on SQL Server, compiling to .NET and (shown above) a movie on debugging Ruby On Rails…

Last month I made the resolution to write monthly news reports to summarise some of the stuff that you may have missed out on. OK, so another month has come around. Time for another news update…

There’s a lot happening with Ruby In Steel at the moment. If you want to keep bang up to date with developments, the two best sources of information are here on the Blog and on the Forum. Remember that we also have two RSS feeds (see the left-hand sidebar) one of which contains items added to every section (Blog, FAQ, Press et al) throughout the site and the other of which is restricted to the Blog alone.


On the subject of the FAQ. This is something that we’ve only just started work on. If you have a technical problem or general question about the software, The FAQ is the first place to look.

Ruby In Steel Developer Updates

As promised previously, it is our aim to produce minor updates frequently as we fix bugs or respond to user-reported requests. We’ve issued two updates to the Developer Edition so far and have another one due for release within the next week. This will include faster IntelliSense, support for 64-bit operating systems and a few debugger improvements. Dermot will write a blog entry with more details shortly. Remember that any registered users of the Developer Edition can get all updates from now right up to version 1.5 free of charge. Please join the forum and send me a personal message or email with your registered user name and serial number. I will then give you access to the Registered User area which contains all download and upgrade information. For details of changes, refer to the Changelog.

Ruby In Steel Personal Edition v 1.0

Version 1.0 of the free Personal Edition was finally released this month. This has most of the editing features of the Developer Edition and also has a built-in debugger. It does not have the fast (up to 100 times faster than the Ruby debugger) ‘Cylon’ debugger which is in the Developer Edition only. Nor does it have IntelliSense. The Personal Edition is not time-limited and there are no restrictions on its use. Download HERE.

InfoWorld, SQL Server, Ruby .NET and More…

Other items of interest this month, include a review in InfoWorld; meanwhile, I’ve been looking at ways of integrating various tools with Ruby In Steel. You may be interested to look at my tutorial on integrating SQL Server and my article on using the Gardens Point Ruby.NET compiler. I’ve also recorded some more movies showing how to debug Ruby and Rails applications.

Keep reading the blog for more forthcoming developments which we’ll be announcing shortly…

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