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Ruby In Steel - FREE! (in Australia)

Full software of the Personal Edition
by SapphireSteel Software
Friday 4 July 2008.

A free copy of Ruby In Steel Personal Edition (including a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 for Ruby) can be found on the cover disc of this month’s PC Authority magazine.

Ruby in Steel PE is functionally equivalent to the Ruby In Steel Text Edition but lacks the built-in debugger. PC Authority is also publishing a series of articles (written by one of Ruby In Steel’s developers, Huw Collingbourne) explaining the fundamentals of creating a Facebook application using Ruby On Rails. As we’ve mentioned previously, in the UK, Ruby In Steel PE is available on the cover DVD of PC Pro magazine #165 (July edition).

You can find Ruby In Steel on the DVD supplied with the August (issue 129) edition of PC Authority.

PC Authority:

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