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Ruby In Steel Developer Now Available

With fast debugging and IntelliSense
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 29 January 2007.

It’s finally here, folks! Well, we always did say we’d release the final version in January and, with just a few days to go, here it is... ;-)

Today we launched Ruby In Steel Developer - the only professional Ruby programming environment for Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005. Go HERE to buy a copy.

Ruby In Steel Developer includes the ultra-fast ’Cylon’ debugger. In benchmark tests, Cylon has recorded speeds over 100 (one hundred) times faster than the standard Ruby debugger. It also has analytical IntelliSense (not just ’code completion’) for Ruby and Rails. As promised previously, if you buy version 1.0, you will get free updates through to version 1.5. More information in the Road Map.

If you want to try before you buy, we also have a free 30-day Trial version of Ruby In Steel Developer available in the Steelworks download area. The Trial Edition has all the major features of the commercial edition including the Cylon debugger, IntelliSense, editing and project management.

As always, there is also our free version - Ruby In Steel Personal Edition (PE) - which has a slower debugger and lacks IntelliSense. The Personal Edition is available for unrestricted use and is not time-limited. Go to the PE Download page to grab a copy of that.

See the feature list for a comparison of the Developer and Personal Editions.

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  • Ruby In Steel Developer Now Available
    29 January 2007

    Congratulations on release. Bit of advice, if you want people to try and ultimately buy your product do not make them jump through the hoops to download the evaluation version. Downloading eval should be single click away. I recommend reading:

    • Ruby In Steel Developer Now Available
      29 January 2007, by Huw

      Thanks. We had thought of making the download a one-click affair and may, if this is widely wanted, reconsider the current strategy. Currently our feeling is that we are happy to give away our free edition with one click but that anyone who is seriously interested in evaluating the Developer Edition probably won’t mind spending a minute to register before downloading. As I say, we may reconsider this over time. However, based on the number of Trial Edition downloads we’ve had today, it doesn’t seem that the current procedure is proving to be a major barrier ;-)

      best wishes


      • Is this the final version?
        1 February 2007

        I am getting crashes when trying to debug. Also, it seems to use the production settings, not the developer settings by default when going through LightTPD. So far I have been unable to find the place to fix this.

        • Is this the final version?
          2 February 2007, by Huw

          Can you contact support to give us more details? See the Contacts Page.

          We’ll need to know which version of the software you are using (Developer, Developer Trial or Personal) and which OS (XP or Vista). Also, if you can give us more details of the nature of the crash - what you are doing when it happens, if there are any error messages etc. If you are using Developer or Trial, you can edit SCGI.YAML to change to development (currently, you are right, this defaults to production - we’ll change that).

          best wishes


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