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Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 Released

Now with built-in code annotation
by SapphireSteel Software
Monday 26 January 2009.

SapphireSteel Software today released version 1.4 of Ruby In Steel Developer, its professional Ruby and ‘Ruby On Rails’ IDE for Visual Studio.

Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 now includes built-in ToDo and User Task management. Users are able to enter ‘ToDo’ comments directly into the source code and navigate to them using the Visual Studio Task List. Project-wide comments can also be entered directly into the ‘User Tasks’ pane of the Task List. For more information on these features, refer to the release notes in the file README.html which is supplied with the software.

Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 provides the most powerful integrated suite of tools available to Ruby On Rails developers including the unique drag-and-drop design environment, ‘The Visual Rails Workbench’, comprehensive analytical IntelliSense and the ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ drill-down debugger. Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 is provided as a free update to registered users of Ruby In Steel Developer.

For more information see:

- Ruby In Steel Developer - Overview.
- Feature List

Installing or Upgrading

- New users may install Ruby In Steel developer 1.4 for a 60-day trial period. If you purchase a licence during that period you may unlock the software by selecting Register from the Ruby menu. You will then be prompted to enter your registered user name and serial number and to browse to your registered key (key.bin).

- To upgrade from an earlier version of Ruby In Steel, uninstall your current version, copy your registered key (key.bin) into the Ruby In Steel 1.4 Setup directory (replacing the trial key.bin supplied with the download) then run setup.exe. Enter your registered name (case sensitive) and serial number when prompted.

To download the software (which may be used without registering for 60 days or may be unlocked using a registered key and serial number), go to the Ruby In Steel Download Page.

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  • Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 Released
    26 January 2009, by Fred Beiderbecke

    I don’t see a link to download 1.4. Am I missing something?

    • Ruby In Steel Developer 1.4 Released
      26 January 2009, by Huw Collingbourne

      All the current downloads of Ruby In Steel Developer are 1.4 HERE.

      We’ve been updating the web site all day and it’s possible that there may still be references to RiS 1.3 on some pages but the software itself is all 1.4 ;-)

      best wishes


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