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Ruby In Steel Developer 1.0 Announced

Plus an updated Road Map to version 1.5
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 2 January 2007.

We published our Road Map leading to version 1.0 of Ruby In Steel Developer back in May. I’m pleased to say that we’ve stuck to our schedule and have now fulfilled all the steps on that Road Map. The final version of the software is currently in the last stages of testing and we shall be spending January smoothing off the edges, hunting for cockroaches and applying a final lick of paint!

In spite of our best efforts, however, it is pretty much an inescapable fact of life that, once the software gets out into the real world, the odd rough edge will be found, the occasional unsquashed roach will pop out its ugly head and wiggle its antennae and a remote corner or two will be found to require yet another lick of paint. We have therefore published a new Road Map in which the first step of the way will be devoted to dealing with unforeseen issues.

The next point of interest on that map is something we are calling the ‘Visual Rails Developer’. This aims to fill in one of the glaring holes in Ruby On Rails development – namely, the lack of a simple drag-and-drop web page designer. You can find details of the additional features in development for version 1.5 in our updated Road Map.

As I said a moment ago, the first step (sorting out problems) is technically the least exciting but is, nonetheless, essential. We are, of course, hoping that no major problems will need to be fixed (none would be my personal preference!). However, experience tells us that very few ‘version 1.0’ software releases are ever completely trouble-free. By way of a small thankyou to early adopters, therefore, we are reducing our published price of $249, for a limited period, to $199 (about 101 or 150 Euros at today’s exchange rate). Anyone who buys version 1.0 will receive all subsequent updates – up to and including version 1.5 – free.

Ruby In Steel Developer will be available for purchase towards the end of January.

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  • Ruby In Steel Developer 1.0 Announced
    4 January 2007

    Greetings! I was wondering whether you foresee any problems with installing the now available SP1 for Visual Studio and Ruby in Steel...

    Regards Frank

    • Ruby In Steel Developer 1.0 Announced
      4 January 2007

      Well, I had to unistall SP1 for Visual Studio. It screwed up the debugger for me. I am deeply unimpressed by SP1 see here

      I don’t think this has anything to do with RiS, so it should work ok.


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