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Ruby In Steel 0.75 Now Available

Download the latest release...
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 14 August 2006.

Version 0.75 of Ruby In Steel is now available for download. This release includes significantly enhanced colour coding and collapsing for both Ruby and Rails (RHTML) files.

It also provides debugging support for Ruby In Rails. Previous versions only provided debugging for standard Ruby projects. This is now an almost feature-complete release of the free Personal Edition of Ruby In Steel but we shall continue to add to and improve its features up to the version 1.0 release at the beginning of 2007. We shall shortly commence a phase of restricted beta testing of the commercial Developer edition of Ruby In Steel which will provide full IntelliSense support plus a very much faster debugger.

Download Ruby In Steel

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  • Ruby In Steel 0.75 Now Available
    16 August 2006, by Tine

    Hi, is it possible to sign-up for a beta tester?

    • Ruby In Steel 0.75 Now Available
      16 August 2006, by Huw

      Thanks for asking :-)

      In the next phase of development we shall be working with a small number of beta testers so we can’t guarantee that everyone who volunteers will be part of that group. I shall be organising the beta test program in the next couple of weeks. I’d suggest that anyone who is interested should initially make contact via email (go to our Contacts Page and send a mail to the support address. Please give us some information stating why you are interested, what your background is or anything else that’s relevant. As I say, it is our aim to work closely with a small but keen team of people in this next stage of development so the more information you give us, the better.

      best wishes


  • Ruby In Steel 0.75 Now Available
    14 August 2006, by Drew

    I’m curious about pricing for the developer version. Can you give us an estimated price range?

    • Ruby In Steel 0.75 Now Available
      15 August 2006, by Huw

      Thanks for he interest. All I can say at the moment is that we shall try to make the pricing appropriate ;-) - I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to commit to anything more definite than that until closer to the release date.

      • Ruby In Steel 0.75 Now Available
        16 August 2006, by Benjamin

        Will 1.0 also have a realase for everyone as a free-copy? - ben @

        • Ruby In Steel 0.75 Now Available
          16 August 2006, by Huw

          Version 1.0 will come into two editions:
          - Ruby In Steel Personal
          This will have all the features in the current (0.75) edition plus a few added extras and any bug fixes that may be needed. The Personal Edition will always be free.
          - Ruby In Steel Developer
          This will also have full IntelliSense, a faster debugger and some extra ’bells and whistles’ which we’ll announce later. This one won’t be free.

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