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Ruby In Steel 1.3 Released

Now With User-Configurable IntelliSense Libraries
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 3 September 2008.

Ruby In Steel Developer 1.3 is released today. This now includes enhanced Rails IntelliSense, Database IntelliSense and user-configurable IntelliSense Libraries.

One of the major features of Ruby In Steel is its fast and accurate IntelliSense. In the latest release, the IntelliSense features have been taken to the next level - now you can create your own pre-compiled IntelliSense Libraries to provide code completion in places where it was previously impossible - even in files which don’t load (‘require’) the source code containing the classes and methods providing the IntelliSense!

Create Customized IntelliSense Libraries

Using The Librarian, you can...
- Supply IntelliSense libraries to teams of programmers who may not have access to the entire codebase of a project.
- Use IntelliSense with web frameworks - not just Rails - in which the code dependencies are normally ‘wired together’ at runtime.

In addition, our standard Rails IntelliSense has also been hugely improved. Ruby In Steel 1.3 comes with a ready-to-use precompiled Rails IntelliSense Library. And you can even add ‘Database IntelliSense’ to provide code completion for named table columns in a Rails project.

Database IntelliSense

Ruby In Steel 1.3 also has Configuration Dependent Property Pages. These allow you to define named sets of project properties - for example, Test, Debug and Release - and switch between these by selecting a name from a drop-down list.

Configuration Dependent Property Pages

Naturally, Ruby In Steel 1.3 also has all the features of earlier releases including:
- The Visual Rails Workbench - our unique drag-and-drop design environment for Rails
- The ultra-fast ‘Cylon’ Debugger
- Automatic fast analytical Ruby IntelliSense derived from on-the-fly code analysis
- Powerful code editing with syntax-based coloring and collapsing

Drag and Drop Rails Designer - The Visual Rails Workbench

Follow the links below for more detailed information:
- Feature List
- Ruby In Steel manual

To try out Ruby In Steel, go to:
- The Download Page

Here you can download a 60-Day Trial of Ruby In Steel 1.3 for Visual Studio 2008 or 2005. If you don’t own Visual Studio, you may also download a version of Ruby In Steel (the ‘All-In-One Installer’) that includes a free Ruby-only copy of Visual Studio 2008.

Or, if you are ready to purchase, go to this page:
- Buy Ruby In Steel

Ruby In Steel 1.3 is a free upgrade to registered users of any version of Ruby In Steel Developer 1.x.

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