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Ruby In Steel 1.2 - Important Update

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by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 28 April 2008.

Due to an oversight in the first release of Ruby In Steel Developer 1.2, the Cylon Debugger’s logging was enabled in the release software. The debugger logging is a diagnostic tool and should have been disabled prior to the release. This affects a single very small (28K) file. We have now released a new version of this file, SteelCylon.dll, with logging disabled.

Download SteelCylon.dll

if you have downloaded Ruby In Steel Developer 1.2.0435 (this version number is shown by selecting the Ruby menu then About) , we strongly advise you to download the new version of SteelCylon.dll and replace the version of this file that was supplied with the initial release of Ruby In Steel 1.2. To do this, copy the new SteelCylon.dll over the existing file in the \Debugger directory beneath your Ruby In Steel installation. The default location of this directory is:

C:\Program Files\SapphireSteel Software\Ruby In Steel\v1.0\Debugger

Note: This only affects the first release versions of Ruby In Steel Developer version 1.2.0435 (for VS2005, VS2008 or as part of the All-in-One Installer). This does not affect the Text Edition or any other version of the Developer Edition. Moreover, this does not affect the software available for download today - only software version 1.2.0435 with a date stamp earlier than 27-Apr-2008.

The version of SteelCylon.dll with logging enables has three possible consequences:
- It slows down the debugger
- It creates a log file in C:\Temp
- If C:\Temp is not present, it may crash Ruby In Steel

Once you have installed the new version of SteelCylon.dll, check C:\Temp. If this contains a file called x.log, you should delete this.

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  • Ruby In Steel 1.2 - Important Update
    25 January 2010, by untipocualquiera


    the download link for SteelCyclon is broken and return a 404 error.

    thanks for your attention.

    • Ruby In Steel 1.2 - Important Update
      25 January 2010, by Huw Collingbourne

      This is a very old blog entry. We are now onto Ruby In Steel 1.4 and just about to release 1.5 so the link is no longer relevant. Please download our latest release.

      best wishes


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