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Ruby In Steel 1.1 Now Available!

Buy now and save money...
by SapphireSteel Software
Wednesday 6 June 2007.

Registered Users. You can get the free upgrade from the private area of the forum (if you are a registered users and you need access, please follow the instructions in the forum on how to apply).

Trial users. If you have previously tested a 30-day trial, the version 1.1 Trial Edition will let you reinstall with another 30 days (from the date of download).

Version 1.1 of Ruby In Steel Developer consolidates the features of version 1.0 which was launched in January. The principal differences between versions 1.0 and 1.1 are increased speed and stability of IntelliSense, a variety of bug fixes and improvements to the editor and debugger, better support for servers (Mongrel, LightTPD, WEBrick), better integration with the Visual Studio Solution Explorer, new dockable point-click-and-run Generate and Rake windows, better documentation (100+ pages in PDF files plus the integrated help system). More details can be found on the Changelog.

Work doesn’t stop here, however. Development on version 1.2 is already well under way. This will be a substantial upgrade, particularly for Rails developers, and we’ll shortly have more to say about the forthcoming features. The introductory price ($199) is being held until the launch of version 1.2 at which time it will rise to $249. Remember that all registered users are eligible for free updates throughout the entire life of the 1.x product line, so buying now will not only save you money but will also entitle you to the free upgrades to all the 1.x versions.

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