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Ruby In Steel 1.1.5 Sneak Preview

Our biggest update yet...
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 20 October 2007.

In spite of its small version number, the next release of Ruby In Steel will be by far the most significant update since version 1.0.

The code completion is accurate, configurable and fast

Ruby In Steel 1.1.5, which will be released next week (as always, it is a free update to registered users) incorporates huge improvements to the IntelliSense, including a major update to the Rails code completion engine and the addition of tabbed completion lists to switch from ‘local scoped’ members to the full range of members (including methods supplied by the ancestor classes of a selected object). We’ll have much more to say about RiS 1.1.5 in the coming weeks. For now, here are a couple of screengrabs to illustrate just two new features...

You can debug normal Ruby code or embedded Ruby (in RHTML templates) with full ‘drill-down’ in the editor or in docked debugging windows
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