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Ruby In Steel 1.1.5 Released

Major improvements for code completion and Rails development
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 22 October 2007.

You might not guess it from the apparently ‘minor’ version number but, in fact, Ruby In Steel 1.1.5 (released today) is by far our biggest single update since the release of version 1.0 in January 2007.

You can debug right into ‘embedded Ruby’ in RHTML templates using the ultra-fast Cylon debugger and ‘drill-down’ debug-expansion

This new release has hugely improved analytical code completion (IntelliSense) for Rails, the ability to debug both ‘pure Ruby’ code files and ‘embedded Ruby’ (in RHTML templates) using the fast Cylon debugger, with full ‘drill-down’ capabilities to look inside arrays, hashes and complex objects; plus numerous editing and debugging enhancements throughout the system. The first public beta of Ruby In Steel For Visual Studio 2008 has also been released.

Rails IntelliSense has been hugely improved for both accuracy and - just as important - speed

Over the next few weeks, I’ll go through some of the new features in greater detail. For now, though, if you’d like a quick summary of the major features of the software, take a glance at the Ruby In Steel Overview page. For a more comprehensive list, see The Feature List.

As always, Ruby In Steel 1.1.5 is a free upgrade to registered users (details available in the Registered User area of The Forum). There are also 30-day evaluation versions of both the shipping edition of the software (for VS2005) and the beta version (for VS2008). To obtain evaluation software, go to the Download Page.

Major New Features of Ruby In Steel 1.1.5

- Greatly improved Rails IntelliSense
- Tabbed (Common/All) code completion lists show members of a specific class or of the entire class hierarchy
- Optionally omit ancestor classes from code completion
- Optionally provide IntelliSense while debugging
- Docked Rails Console
- Docked IRB Console
- Docked Script Console
- Docked context-sensitive RDOC window
- ERb (RHTML) auto-expand and auto-surround Snippets with ‘edit points’
- Collapsible user-defined regions (in addition to the existing syntax-sensitive code-folding)
- ‘Virtual Space’ editing support
- Choose Debug/Run Ruby targets to switch between Ruby interpreters/compilers
- Ruby Connector .NET component (connect VB, C# etc. to Ruby) or design visual front-ends with the VS form designer
- Optional keyword...end auto-completion
- Optional auto-format code after end
- Quick navigate between Controller/View in Rails
- Debug into embedded Ruby (RHTML)

Minimum Requirements: Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition or above; Windows XP (service pack 2) or Vista. Support for Visual Studio 2008 is available for beta versions of VS 2008. Full support will be provided when the final version of VS 2008 is released.

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