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Ruby IDE or Rails IDE?

News Digest: September 2007
by Huw Collingbourne
Sunday 2 September 2007.

Recently a few Ruby In Steel users have asked us if we are concentrating on Rails to the detriment of Ruby? This question has arisen due to the fact that we are currently in the process of developing version 1.2 of Ruby In Steel which will include substantial new features for Rails developers.

Let me put the record straight here and now –

Ruby In Steel is, first and foremost, a Ruby IDE.

It is our firm belief that, no matter how good or how important a development framework may be, it is the programming language that comes first. In brief, it’s no good having 10,000 gee-whizz Rails Wizards if your support of the underlying programming language (i.e. Ruby) is second rate.

It is, in any case, a simple fact that many of our customers don’t use Rails. Besides which there are also some other Ruby frameworks (not as well established as Rails, certainly, but who can predict what may happen a year or two from now?), so it does not seem logical to us to ‘tie ourselves’ to a single framework to the exclusion of all others.

Rails is, of course, hugely important to many Ruby developers - which is why we are determined to offer world-class support for Rails development. And that is why we may seem to be ‘Rails obsessive’ at the moment. Ruby In Steel already has good support for Rails but we know we can make it better – much better – and that is why all our effort is currently going towards achieving that.

But, Ruby developers, fear not: we are not forgetting Ruby. Even version 1.2 (our ‘Rails Developer Edition’) will have a number of improvements for Ruby programmers (faster, better IntelliSense being one that’s dear to my heart). After the release of Ruby In Steel 1.2 we shall announce more developments that will, I hope, be of interest to all Ruby programmers.

Meanwhile, just in case you missed this month’s news, here’s a quick roundup:

- Dermot gave a quick preview of some of our new consoles. In addition to the existing Ruby console, we shall shortly have dockable Rails, IRB, Rake and Generate consoles...
- Meanwhile, I started writing a Ruby Adventure Game. Read it over on the Bitwise Magazine site.
- If you are confused about blocks, block variables and scope, you may want to take a glance at my discussion of Ruby blocks.

Oh, and finally, remember the Ruby Connector? That’s the widget we’ve created to let your .NET programs talk to your Ruby programs... Well, Watch this space. More news on where and how to get your hands on the Ruby Connector very soon...

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  • Ruby IDE or Rails IDE?
    3 September 2007, by Willem

    Thanks for your excellent product. I am an ex developer, but I am now mostly doing development using Ruby on Rails. My conversion to Ruby on Rails has been made much simpler with Ruby In Steel. Thanks!

    I am probably biased (because I extensively use the RoR framework), but I am extremely grateful for the Rails support that is contained in Ruby in Steel. If it was not for this support I would probably not have purchased Ruby in Steel. However, your balanced approach, as discussed in this blog posting makes very good sense.

    I am very much looking forward to version 1.2, specifically for the "Visual Ruby on Rails" features. (As a previous developer, one has become used to the visual way of doing things. However, I do think that it is probably good for me that I now have to type up some HTML as well from time to time. :)

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