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Ruby Gains in Popularity, could be Top In 2007!

So says the BBC
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 20 December 2006.

Well, it may not be quite what you think it is, but I have to say that the BBC’s headline certainly grabbed my attention...

How about Ruby, after my gran? tells the story of the latest fashion in names - not for programming languages, but for babies!

Victorian names are back in fashion (in the UK at any rate) it seems. And Ruby is currently the fastest mover as it zooms towards the top.

Olivia, who only entered the top five last year has knocked Jessica off the number one spot. Grace comes in at number two having moved up by 37 per cent since last year. Jessica is now the third most popular name for girls with 4416 registrations in 2006. High climber Ruby (who has risen 69 places since 2001) is fourth.

More details at the UK Government’s National Statistics site.

OK, I admit this story is not quite the usual stuff I write about on this blog. Look upon it as seasonal trivia.

Which reminds me, Merry Christmas one and all!

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