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Ruby - Finding Syntax Errors

Steel 0.6 will include a clickable ’error list’
by Huw Collingbourne
Sunday 21 May 2006.

We’ve just managed to sneak in one extra feature for Ruby In Steel 0.6 - a point-and-click Error List!

GIF - 45.6 kb
Syntax Errors shown in list beneath the editor

If you’ve used Steel 0.5 you’ll know that you can already find syntax errors in your code by clicking any error messages in the console window. While this works, it doesn’t really work in a Visual Studio way. We’ve improved upon this in the forthcoming 0.6 release. This will now gather together any syntax errors in the familiar VS Error List pane. This shows each error message, the name of the file in which it occurs and the line on which Ruby believes the syntax error to have occurred.

I say on which Ruby "believes" as, to be honest, its guesses are not always all that good. Currently we are reliant upon Ruby to indicate the position and nature of any syntax errors and so we are working within those limitations.

For those of you who liked the old (0.5) way of finding syntax errors, we’ll continue to provide clickable console error messages as an alternative.

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