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Ruby Debugging with ’Cylon’ - Tutorial Screencast

by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 15 July 2008.

I’ve just uploaded a new sceencast tutorial which takes you through the basic features of the fast ‘Cylon’ Ruby debugger.

This tutorial covers the fundamental debugging features including:

- breakpoints
- step into
- step out
- step over
- The Locals window
- The Watch window
- Drag-and-drop Watch variables
- Call-stack navigation
- Expression evaluation in the Immediate Window
- Drill-down variable expansion in the debug windows
- Hover-and-drilldown in the Editor and Immediate windows

Go To Screencast

We also have an illustrated guide to this debugging tutorial which may help you follow it step by step. And you can download the tutorial project too from the same page (note: this project is built for VS2005 but can be converted on loading into VS2008).

Go to the illustrated tutorial and Project Download page.

I’ll record some more tutorial soon, covering more advanced features of the ‘Cylon’ debugger such as tracepoints, conditional breakpoints and dynamic debugging. Note that, although this movie uses a plain Ruby project the debugging features also work with Rails and you can place breakpoints both in Ruby source files and in embedded Ruby in ERb/RHTML templates.

This is the latest in a series of screencasts available from the Tutorial Movies page.

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