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’Red Fire’ - Ruby In Steel Roadmap updated

Beta testing starts on 0.8 Developer Edition
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 14 October 2006.

We have updated to Ruby In Steel Roadmap to show more detail of the features which will be added to the forthcoming Developer Edition (code name: Red Fire).

The Ruby In Steel Developer Edition is our commercial product which we aim to ship in January 2007. This will provide unparalleled Ruby IntelliSense features including class, scope and context-sensitive code completion, snippets, tooltip ’hovering’ class and method documentation plus an extremely fast debugger. The Developer Edition has just entered the first phase of restricted-access beta testing.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to enhance the Personal Edition (which includes a wealth of Ruby and Rails features: editing, debugging, project management, project importing and much more besides) which is now and will always be free. Go To Download Page for the Personal Edition.

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  • ’Red Fire’ - Ruby In Steel Roadmap updated
    15 October 2006, by Alexey Romanov

    How much, approximately, will the Development Edition cost?

    • ’Red Fire’ - Ruby In Steel Roadmap updated
      15 October 2006, by Huw

      The price has not yet been finalized and it will be announced closer to the date of release.

      Thanks for your interest.

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