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QuickInfo and RDoc

Under development - context-sensitive tooltip documentation...
by Dermot Hogan
Wednesday 20 September 2006.

I’ve just got RDoc working as IntelliSense QuickInfo. Here’s a couple of screenshots …

The first shows a simple ‘hover’ over the variable x is self.x. Unfortunately, the screen shot doesn’t show the cursor, but you can see that the tooltip is displaying information from the method definition on line 4.

The next shows the documentation for the standalone method y after I added another line of documentation. The parser added it on the fly to the method’s documentation and hovering over y displays it. In other words, the RDoc information is totally dynamic – just like with /// in C#.

Lastly, here’s what I get for the kernel method p. The formatting isn’t great yet – some work to do there – but I can get the RDoc information from the source code (both C and Ruby) and display it. It’s fast too.

Interestingly, I’m finding that IntelliSense really does add greatly to the speed at which I can write in Ruby. The ability to ‘hover’ over a Ruby method and see the documentation is a big plus.

Incidentally, the Ruby In Steel QuickInfo system does take correct account of the scoping of methods and variable. If I have two methods p, for example, the parser selects out the correct one using the scope and class hierarchy information – it’s not just a simple name lookup.

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  • QuickInfo and RDoc
    20 September 2006, by Justin

    Rock on! Looks awesome! Very impressive work you are doing. I can’t wait to get my hands on some bits.

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