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Programming Flash Applications

New series in PC Pro
by Huw Collingbourne
Thursday 15 October 2009.

If you want to program Flash-based applications using Flex you may be interested in a couple of tutorials I’ve written for PC Pro Magazine (UK), starting this month.

These tutorials introduce the basics of Flex development (the use of Amethyst being entirely optional!) - this month explains how to access external data files to create a simple web-based quiz.

You can download the source code from and the code may either be used with Flex Builder or with Amethyst. Incidentally, in some circumstances the directory structure may be incorrect when loading the Amethyst project. This will be fixed in the next Amethyst beta. In the meantime, the simplest solution is to create a new Amethyst project from the source code. Just ‘Convert in place’ to do this using the Amethyst Project Import and Conversion Wizard.

It is, as a matter of fact, well worth getting to know this Wizard as it simplifies the process of importing any existing code (for example, code created using Flex Builder) for use in Amethyst.

There will be another article on Flex development in next month’s PC Pro.

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