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News Digest, April 2007 – Ruby Editor, Debugger, IntelliSense

En Route To version 1.1 (and beyond)…
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 2 April 2007.

For the benefit of those of you who don’t read this Blog on a daily basis (shame on you!), here is our monthly digest of some of the things you may have missed during the last few weeks.

Before I get started, I should say that most the really interesting things that have been happening this month are things that we haven’t even announced yet! While we keep updating the ‘release version’ of the software, we are also working on other versions that won’t see the light of day for some months yet. All the updates which we have released so far are leading towards Ruby In Steel 1.1; this is, in essence, a consolidation of the core features of the initial release of the software. Internally we already have alpha-to-beta versions of Ruby In Steel 1.2 to 1.3. These releases will add some major new features. We’ve already given a few hints about some of these in the RoadMap. But there are also other things in development which we’ll be announcing soon. Remember, though, that our ‘introductory offer’ price ($199) only lasts up to the release of 1.1. When that version comes along, the price will go up to $249. So, if you want to save yourself $50, now’s the time to buy!

Ruby In Steel Updates

From the outset, we decided to make regular updated releases of Ruby In Steel Developer so that users would have quick access both to bugfixes and to new or improved features in the form of incremental ‘1.00x’ releases rather than having to wait many months before getting ‘whole point’ ‘1.x’ releases. The latest release is the third update since we launched Ruby In Steel in January – and it’s a fairly big one.

One new debugging feature - hover-and-drilldown in the code editor

Our first software first update was minor (it added Vista compatibility); the second one was a bit bigger (mainly stabilising the Cylon debugger for multi-threaded applications, support for the Mongrel and WEBrick servers and various IntelliSense improvements). This latest update is the biggest yet. The main things to look out for are: 1) much faster IntelliSense code-completion, 2) better drilldown debugging including hover-and-drilldown in the code editor; 3) the ability to evaluate dynamic code (meta-evaluation) in the debugger; 4) better integration (drag/drop/cut/copy) in the Solution Explorer.

For more details of this update, see the Changelog. Also see our Blog entries on Improvements for Ruby Debugging and Call Stack Debugging.

If you are a registered user, remember that the best way to keep up to date with all the latest releases of the software is via the Registered User area of the Forum. We have also updated the 30-day Trial Edition. To evaluate that, go to the Steelworks Download Area.

More News…

Other news which you might have missed during March include the creation of a Brazilian Wiki based on my Little Book Of Ruby and a nice review of Ruby In Steel in SD Times.

Now time to get back to work on the features for the next release… ;-)

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