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News Digest, May 2007 - Ruby Debugger, Books, Smalltalk, Tools

News from the past month (or so)...
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 15 May 2007.

This month’s news digest is late because, well, um, I forgot to write it... ;-)

However, on the grounds of “better late than never”, here is a quick rundown of the main news stories from the past month or so for the benefit of those of you who don’t log onto this Blog every day.

The April edition of Redmond Developer News (a magazine for corporate developers using Microsoft technologies), has an article about Microsoft, Ruby and SapphireSteel Software. In a feature called Ruby Rising, Kathleen Richards discussed the ‘milestone’ release of Ruby In Steel Developer and wondered what developments Microsoft might be working on in order to provide better .NET support for Ruby. Microsoft’s plans for Ruby became a bit clearer when the company announced a .NET version of Ruby called IronRuby.

One of the most popular articles to appear on the Blog during April was my suggested book list for Ruby and Rails Developers. The new series on Ruby The Smalltalk Way has so far been one of the most popular items in May.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in developments to Ruby In Steel, we’ve previewed some new dockable toolwindows for Rake and Generate.

These toolwindows will be in the forthcoming release of Ruby In Steel Developer 1.1 which is a free update for registered users. We are already working on version 1.2, which includes some nice new visual tools for Rails developers and (naturally) will also be a free update to registered users.

Incidentally, since version 1.2 will be a much more significant upgrade than 1.1. we have decided to hold the reduced ‘launch price’ of $199 until the release of 1.2, at which point the price will be raised to $249. Remember that, since all updates to the entire 1.x product line will be free to registered users, you can only benefit from buying sooner rather than later.

One final point. We now have a good few tutorials online. One of these explains how to use the fast Cylon debugger with the Mongrel or WEBrick servers. There is a common misconception that Cylon can only be used with the LightTPD server. This is not the case. You can use the Cylon debugger with WEBrick, Mongrel or LightTPD. The requirement to use LightTPD applied only to our very first release of Ruby In Steel. The manual and integrated help system are now out of date in this respect. A completely revised manual and help system will be released with version 1.1. In the meantime, for more up-to-date information, please refer to the Tutorials.

For older news, see also April’s News Digest.

More in June...

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