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News Digest, June 2007 - Ruby In Steel 1.1 with 100+ pages of documentation

Not forgetting IronRuby
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 2 June 2007.

Regular readers of this Blog might think that May was a ‘slow news’ month. We haven’t made any big announcements or released any updates. In fact, ‘behind the scenes’, this has been a very busy month for us. We’ve been preparing the final release of Ruby In Steel Developer 1.1. A beta version of this has already been released to Registered Users via the forum. The final release will be made available early in June.

Ruby In Steel 1.1

If you are a user of the Developer Edition and haven’t updated your software recently, you may want to check on all the changes and additions that we’ve made over the past few months. In addition to those changes, version 1.1 also has now new Rake and Generate windows and a few other additions that we’ll add to the Changelog when we release the software.

If you have previously tried out the 30-Day Trial Edition and want to try out the new release, you’ll be glad to know that the version 1.1 Trial Edition will give you another 30-Day test period - so watch out for a forthcoming announcement of its availability (soon) here on the Blog.

Apart from changes to the software, we have also updated the integrated Help and the PDF manual. The manual which, for version 1.0, is 66 pages long, has, in version 1.1, expanded to 80 pages. The software also comes with a range of other PDF documentation on specific topics such as servers, the snippet editor and macros - all of which amounts to well over 100 pages of documentation.

Documentation, Articles and Tutorials

In addition to the bundled documentation, we’ve started expanding the online documentation. If you can’t find answers to your problems in the manual, try the FAQ and the Tutorial Library. We’ve added three new tutorials this month:

- Setting Up Ruby (and Rails) from Scratch
- Installing MySQL For Ruby On Rails
- Customize the Colors of the Ruby In Steel IDE

For OOP enthusiasts ;-) I also put online the second part of my discussion of Ruby The Smalltalk Way, which continues where Part One left off.

Microsoft and Ruby

Right at the start of the month, Microsoft announced its IronRuby project to bring Ruby into the .NET world. This should be a great benefit for Ruby developers on Windows and we shall have more to say about our plans to support IronRuby when the Microsoft project is a little further along in its development. In the meantime, if you want to keep up to date with news of IronRuby, be sure to visit John Lam’s Blog. John is a Program Manager on the Common Language Runtime team at Microsoft and works on the team creating IronRuby.

For a bit more background on IronRuby and its relationship to Microsoft’s new ‘Rich Internet Application’ technology, Silverlight, see my interview with John Allwright (Expression Product Manager, Microsoft UK) over on the Bitwise Magazine site.

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