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Making Sense Of Ruby (article in The Register)

IntelliSense and Dynamic Languages
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 5 February 2007.

Just in case you missed it ;-) you may be interested to glance at an article I wrote for The Register this month...

The article is called Making Sense Of Ruby and it goes over some of the difficulties involved in creating accurate IntelliSense (which is very difficult) for Ruby rather than just drop-down ’code completion lists’ (which isn’t so difficult).

In the time since we’ve been working on Ruby In Steel’s IntelliSense, we’ve come to realise that many people don’t appreciate the difference between IntelliSense and code completion. The simple fact of the matter is that there are many editors and IDEs that have code completion for dynamic languages. There are very few indeed that have anything approximating to true IntelliSense.

In The Register feature I’ve tried to highlight one or two of the fundamental features of true IntelliSense. Bear in mind, though, that IntelliSense is extremely complicated and it would take many thousands of words to summarise the kinds of problems we’ve faced and the solutions we’ve arrived at. We may write a longer and more technical account of IntelliSense for Ruby on this site at a later date.

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