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Learn ActionScript and Flex (the fun way)

New series
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 28 February 2009.

If you are new to ActionScript and/or Flex, you may be interested in a new series I am writing over on the Bitwise Magazine site...

It’s called Adventures In ActionScript and Flex and that is, quite literally, what it is all about: learning to program ActionScript and Flex by writing an adventure game.

I am a long-time fan of adventure games. To be honest, an adventure game (Zork) was the thing that first got me started in programming back in the early ‘80s. Prior to playing Zork, I’d assumed that computers only did dull workaday things such as calculating spreadsheets and sorting databases. When I played Zork, I realised that they could also create self-contained worlds which you could explore as though you were a character in a novel. In fact, ‘interactive fiction’ was a term that the authors of Zork sometimes used to describe their games.

It wasn’t long before I decided to write my own adventure game (called ‘The Golden Wombat Of Destiny’). This was, for a beginner programmer, a massively over-ambitious project but it was a lot of fun and I learnt more about programming by writing that game than I could ever have done by following the rather dull examples in the books I had.

Anyway, I still love adventure games and Flex is a great framework for writing them. In the course of this series I’ll be exploring many aspects of Flex programming so even if you aren’t a keen gamer you may still pick up some useful tips. The series assumes some prior programming knowledge (it doesn’t start at the ‘what is a variable?’ level). However, it assumes no prior knowledge of ActionScript or Flex. Part one goes online today.

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