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JRuby Debugging In Visual Studio

Enter JCylon
by Huw Collingbourne
Friday 7 March 2008.

As reported yesterday by InfoQ, we are about to launch fully integrated JRuby support in the forthcoming update to Ruby In Steel Developer. This includes a new JRuby version of our fast Cylon debugger (‘JCylon’) which, as you can see from the screenshot, is not a ‘cut down’ version - it’s the Fully Monty!

Just to prove that this really is the JRuby debugger, we’ve added JRUBY_VERSION to the Watch window!

In common with our existing Cylon debugger for the standard (‘Matz’) Ruby interpreter, JCylon will provide the following features:

- Breakpoints
- Watch Variables
- Autos window
- Show Locals
- Show Globals
- Show Instance Variables
- Step Into
- Step Out
- Step Over
- Drill-down (variable expansion) in debug window
- Hover and drill-down over variables in code editor
- Call stack window with call-stack navigation
- Docked interactive JRuby console.

Cylon in Ruby In Steel 1.2 will also have these new features:
- Tracepoints
- The ability to modify Watch Variable values when stopped at a breakpoint
- Conditional Breakpoints
- Break All
- Configurable details in Autos window
- Simple toggle between Standard Ruby and JRuby to run or debug.

(For a more complete list of existing debugger features see the Feature List. More on the new features in RiS 1.2, see HERE. ).

JRuby integration will be a part of Ruby In Steel Developer 1.2. The 2nd beta of this will be made available to registered users within the next few days. The finished product will ship at the end of March. Ruby In Steel 1.2 will be a free upgrade to all registered users of Ruby In Steel Developer.

We’ll be giving more details of our JRuby support here on the Blog next week.

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