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IronRuby and the .NET Entity Framework

Use IronRuby, the .NET Entity Framework and ’IronRuby In Steel’
by Huw Collingbourne
Sunday 8 February 2009.

I just noticed what looks like a pretty interesting series which has just started over on Simon Segal’s ‘Living in the Tech Avalanche Generation’ site.

This explores ways of using the ‘Entity Framework’ with the current pre-release build of Microsoft’s IronRuby (Ruby for the .NET Dynamic Language Runtime) and our own IronRuby IDE for Visual Studio. Note that we have a free standalone edition of the IronRuby IDE available but if you already own Ruby In Steel Developer, you’ll find that the IronRuby support is integrated into it.

Simon explains that his series will concentrate on “building our Entity Model inside a C# library project and we will consume our model from IronRuby code.”

If you are new to the Entity Framework you can get some background information on Stefan Cruysbergh’s site starting with the article: ‘.NET - ADO.NET Entity Framework & LINQ to Entities - part 1’. For information and the latest build of IronRuby, go to And to download our IronRuby IDE (which, like IronRuby itself, is designated ‘alpha’), go to the ‘Ruby In Steel For IronRuby Download page’.

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