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IronRuby In Steel

A couple of interesting articles
by Huw Collingbourne
Thursday 12 March 2009.

We released a free IDE for developing IronRuby (Microsoft’s .NET Ruby implementation) over a year ago. It’s still available for download and people are still using it for IronRuby development.

If you want to know how to use IronRuby with the .NET Entity Framework, Simon Segal’s blog is the place to go. A couple of days ago he posted the second article in a series on this subject and, once again, he is using our IronRuby IDE for development.

Meanwhile, the Japanese technical magazine,, has an IronRuby special feature this week in which our IronRuby IDE features strongly. If your Japanese is up to it, you may read the original article; if not, you can do what I did and try to make sense of the occasionally meaningful Google translation.

There are a few things to bear in mind when using our free IronRuby IDE:

1) It was released in February 2008 to support the pre-alpha of IronRuby. You should install the latest alpha version of IronRuby to keep up to date with developments.

2) The alpha version of our IronRuby IDE is already integrated into the Developer Edition of Ruby In Steel so users of Ruby In Steel Developer do not need to install our standalone IronRuby IDE.

3) The features of our IronRuby IDE represent a tiny subset of the features of Ruby In Steel Developer. It was released as a free tool for IronRuby developers. Do not assume that it is in any way representative of the features of our commercial software.

4) We have no plans to do any further updates to our IronRuby IDE prior to Microsoft’s release of version 1.0 of IronRuby itself. The date of that release is currently unconfirmed. When a date is announced we will provide more details of our future plans for support of IronRuby.

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