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InfoWorld Reviews Ruby In Steel

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by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 12 February 2007.

Martin Heller has just reviewed Ruby In Steel Developer for InfoWorld. This is what he has to say…

“The fast debugging and IntelliSense support wowed me. SapphireSteel claims a 100x speedup for their Cylon debugger over the standard Ruby debugger, but I measured a 200x speedup during my work.”

One of his main criticisms of Ruby In Steel is the complicated setup needed to use Cylon. Let me be the first to admit the fact: I agree with him entirely.

To use the fast Cylon debugger in the first release of Ruby In Steel you have to download and install various gems, SCGI and the FastTPD server before you can even get up and running. I’ve always thought it would be so much simpler just to debug using the standard WEBrick server – you know, the one that you almost certainly installed with Rails itself. For technical reasons to do with multithreading, this wasn’t an option with our initial release.

Well, it turns out we’ve been working on this and, in the next update to the software (due for release next week), you’ll be able to debug a Rails application with WEBrick just by clicking the one-click debugger button - ah, finally, that button really lives up to its name ;-)

We are also working on support for Mongrel. In fact, we have it working internally but there are still one or two issues we need to sort out before releasing a version with Mongrel support built in. We’re not yet sure if Mongrel support will be ready in time for next week’s release. If not, it will be coming shortly thereafter. Remember that anyone who buys version 1.x of Ruby In Steel Developer qualifies for free updates right up to version 1.5, so as new features appear you can download the new software.

In his review, Heller concludes:

“If you’re like me, the asking price will seem cheap for the combination of the fast debugging and the great IntelliSense support.”

Read the full review over on InfoWorld.

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