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How to Upgrade

Where and how to get the latest version of Ruby In Steel...
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 13 June 2007.

As a registered user of version 1.x of Ruby In Steel Developer, you are entitled to free upgrades to all subsequent releases of the 1.x product line. So how do you go about getting the upgrades...?

The most reliable place in which to be informed of all the latest updates to Ruby In Steel Developer is the Registered User Area of the forum. This area is accessible only to purchasers of the commercial release of the software.

- Where is the forum?

The SapphireSteel Software forum can be found here:

- Why does my membership need to be approved before I can post in the forum?

In a word: Spam! It is an unfortunate fact that online discussion forums are a popular target for people who join with the sole intention of publicising sites devoted pornography, drugs, gambling and so on. In order to limit the number of ‘rogue’ memberships, we decided to require each application to be authorized. It is regrettable that legitimate users must go through this process but, in our view, this is the lesser of two evils.

- I’m a registered users. Why can’t I have immediate access to the Registered Users Area?

The Registered Users Area is the only area of the forum in which we promise to offer software support. Offering support is extremely demanding on our time and, while we also do our best to provide support in the ‘public areas’ (open to users of the free edition and the trial edition), we always give priority to support requests made by our paying customers. To ensure that these requests can be easily identified and dealt with quickly we reserve the registered area specifically for users of the Developer Edition. This explains why we ask registered users to apply for access to this area. In this area we also supply links to all the latest downloads (including betas and ‘edge’ releases of the software), even, occasionally, software which contains features that we have not yet publicly announced.

- How do I apply for access to the Registered User Area?

Please see This Topic in the forum for details of applying for access to the Registered Users area.

- How often are software updates released?

It is our policy to release minor updates regularly. this enables us to fix bugs and respond to request features rapidly. Typically minor releases may appear every few weeks. Our more significant (full-point) updates are released more infrequently. Typically these updates appear every few months.

- Where are updates announced?

Full-point updates are announced on the Blog and in the forum. Minor updates are announced in the forum and on the changelog.

- Should I install every update?

We recommend that all users install full-point updates. Minor updates generally address specific problems reported by users - which may be either technical flaws or relatively small ‘usability’ improvements. The changes made to each update are listed in the changelog and you may consult this to decide whether or not you think the updates is relevant to you.

- Can I update the software without joining the forum?

You may make a support request for a software update by email.

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