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How To Import Adobe Flex Projects

Amethyst Tutorial
by Huw Collingbourne
Thursday 26 February 2009.

One of the features in beta 3 of Amethyst, which was released a couple of days ago, is our new Project Import and Conversion Wizard.

In the early betas of Amethyst we had a rather primitive importer that was started by selecting an icon in the Visual Studio New Project dialog. This was never a really satisfactory solution so, in beta 3, we created a completely new Import and Conversion Wizard.

This new Wizard can be started from the File menu. In a series of dialogs it guides you through the process of either importing an existing project to a new directory (if you want to make a fresh copy) or converting it in its original location. The ‘convert in location’ option gives Flex Builder users the opportunity to share the same code between both Flex Builder and Amethyst.

I’ve just put a tutorial online to explain this Wizard in detail:

- Converting and Importing Flex Projects For Amethyst

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