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Getting To Know The Ruby Editor

New Tutorial
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 7 April 2007.

There’s more to our Ruby editor than just syntax-colouring and code-folding.

For example, did you know that you can jump between a class or method header (class X or def y) and its matching end using a simple hotkey? Or that you can quickly navigate from a standard Ruby method-call to the method documentation (which is normally tucked away in a C-code source file)? Or that you can even view the embedded documentation in a hovering tooltip? Or that you can auto-comment marked blocks of code and display multiple source files alongside one another in split-pane windows. Or that... (well, you see what I’m getting at!)

The Ruby editor in the Developer Edition of Ruby In Steel is so packed with goodies that you might not be aware that half of those things exist. To help to point you in the direction of some of its most useful features, we’ve just put online an short illustrated tutorial, complete with a sample project for you to download and play around with.

This tutorial only covers the basics of the Ruby editor. It doesn’t even mention the Ruby macro library and it barely touches on the built-in IntelliSense and snippets. I’ll try to make some time to write some tutorials on those features at a later date...

We have a few other tutorials online which you may find of interest - covering more specialist topics such as integrating SQL Server, Ruby .NET and JRuby. We’ll be adding more tutorials soon. For a list of what’s available, see The Tutorials Section.

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