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Free Ruby eBook now over 260 Pages

New Chapter - Files and IO
by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 18 November 2008.

The Latest Chapter of The Book Of Ruby now brings the total page count to 263. It comes with 210 ready-to-run example programs. As always all the source code is provided read to run either at the command prompt or by loading them into Ruby In Steel in the form of a single Visual Studio solution.

While I (naturally) prefer to use Ruby In Steel for all my Ruby development ( did I mention that this is the best Ruby IDE on the planet? ;-) ), The Book Of Ruby and its source code do not require any specific editor or IDE. The programs can be all be run with the standard ruby (1.8x) interpreter on Windows or another operating system.

The new chapter (number 13) concentrates on IO - how to open, close, read and write files; how to navigate through networks of subdirectories recursively and sort them by size or make backups of files from one directory to another.

The Book Of Ruby and all its source code is free. You can grab a copy on The Book Of Ruby download page.

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  • Free Ruby eBook now over 260 Pages
    18 November 2008, by Ted Howard

    Many thanks to you for writing this documentation.

    That’s how I see it - "documentation" not just a textbook. There is no other source that comes close to the high quality of documentation for Ruby as that in The Book of Ruby. It addresses the one major flaw I see in open source software - lack of documentation. Thank you again for the book.

    Case in point: I’m about to give up on evaluating Pentaho and Infobright because the cost involved in installation is too high. All it would take is better documentation and a little more rigor in release process.

    I’d also like to thank you for innovating in the tools space. I most recently worked in C# and before that C++, both in Visual Studio. Now I work in Ruby with TextMate, which provides little more than highlighting and autogen’d documentation search (which fails 25% of the time). There are other extensions to TextMate for Ruby I could try to use, but due to a lack of documentation it may take me a half day to install the extensions just for evaluation.

    Ted Howard

    • Free Ruby eBook now over 260 Pages
      18 November 2008, by Huw Collingbourne

      Many thanks for the message. As you may guess, this book has taken up a great deal of my time so it’s very pleasing to know that it’s been worth the effort! :-)

      best wishes


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