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Free Ruby eBook - The Book Of Ruby, new chapter: YAML

Serializing Data
by Huw Collingbourne
Friday 21 November 2008.

I’ve just put online the latest version of our free Ruby programming eBook, The Book Of Ruby. This now has 14 chapters, contains 278 pages and comes with 222 small demo programs in the source code archive.

The latest chapter explains how to serialize data - typically to save it to and from disk - using YAML. Using a few easy-to-master techniques, YAML allows you to save simple or complex data structures (containing simple or complex object types) in human-readable form. It isn’t the only way of serializing data in Ruby (I’ll describe an alternative way in Chapter 15) but YAML is a commonly-used data format with its own Ruby libraries to sort out the tricky stuff for you.

As always, The Book Of Ruby is free and you can get a copy from The Book Of Ruby Download page.

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