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Free Flex IDE (PE) v Flex Visual Design Environment (Pro)

A few words about the differences between Amethyst PE and Professional
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 4 April 2009.

We are now coming to close to finalizing the feature set of Amethyst Personal Edition (PE), our free Visual Studio IDE for developing Flex, AIR and ActionScript applications, so we thought you might like an idea of the principal differences between Amethyst PE and Amethyst Professional (the commercial IDE which we will launch later in the year).

Amethyst Personal Edition

- It’s FREE - yes, really, really free. That’s not just the beta. When we release version 1.0, it will still be free.
- If you haven’t got a commercial copy of Visual Studio, you can even install it into a free copy of the Visual Studio 2008 ‘Shell’ edition which is, of course, FREE!
- It has IntelliSense/code completion
- It has integrated debugging with breakpoints, drilldown, step-into etc.
- It has ActionScript and MXML code coloring (with over 70 color options!)
- It has user-configurable automatic code formatting
- It supports Flex/AIR and ActionScript (e.g. for Flash) projects
- It supports a broad range of Visual Studio tools including the Object Browser, Solution Explorer, multi-pane editing etc.

Amethyst Professional

Amethyst Professional a commercial product (price to be announced) which has all the features of Amethyst PE plus:
- A drag-and-drop Visual Designer for both Flex and AIR
- Round-tripping between designer and code
- Auto-expanding code snippets and a dedicated snippet editor
- ActionScript refactoring
- Significantly enhanced debugging and IntelliSense

The current beta (beta 4) now has all the essential features of Amethyst PE plus a few (such as snippets) Professional features. Beta 5 will add in refactoring. And the Amethyst designer will be added after that. If you want to try out the current beta go to the Download Page.

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  • Free Flex IDE (PE) v Flex Visual Design Environment (Pro)
    20 September 2009

    Cant wait for this to be released...

    • Free Flex IDE (PE) v Flex Visual Design Environment (Pro)
      20 September 2009, by Huw Collingbourne

      Bear in mind that the current beta will last for several months before it expires and we’ll have other betas before that happens. You will be able to keep on using the latest betas until the final product is released.

  • Free Flex IDE (PE) v Flex Visual Design Environment (Pro)
    4 April 2009, by Jason Maskell

    Sounds great. If it’s stable and priced sanely (ie, around Flex Builders price) then you will probably get at least one sale from us.

    Mind you, if Adobe had done or ever does a better job with Eclipse integration, then there would be little reason to move.

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