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Flex source control in Amethyst projects

Team Server support
by Dermot Hogan
Wednesday 22 April 2009.

One key feature in a project of any complexity is source control. The two absolute essentials (in my view) are, first, to know what you’ve unleashed on the world and, secondly, the ability to get back a previous version – the one before you totally screwed things up.

Amethyst now supports Microsoft’s Team Server source control system. This should work ok in the current beta (beta 4) but we have only really tested it in preparation for our next beta, which is due out soon. Amethyst in Team Server does all the usual – check in, check out, atomic commit and so on. We’ve been using Team Server ourselves for the last couple of years in the course of developing our Ruby In Steel product and Amethyst itself.

There are of course other source control systems – Subversion being the main one. It’s possible to use Subversion via AnkhSVN. This should work (some of our Ruby IDE customers use it) but we do not test or support it.

There may be better source control systems out there than Team Server and there are some limitations (the bug reporting system is pretty inflexible without a good deal of customization), but in my experience, it’s proved to be reliable and robust.

Before Team Server came along, I used Subversion – again, pretty good. But the thing I don’t like about Subversion is the way it litters my directory structure with its own .svn files. With Team Server, all that goes and the whole thing fits smoothly into Visual Studio - as you can see from these screen shots.

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