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Flash In Visual Studio - Amethyst ’edge’ release

Preview of Amethyst Flash IDE integration tools
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 23 December 2009.

I wrote a few days ago about the Flash IDE (CS3/CS4) integration tools which we are building into Amethyst Professional, our IDE for programming the Adobe Flash Platform in Visual Studio. Today SapphireSteel Software has made available the first public preview release of Amethyst to incorporate some of these integration tools.

This is an ‘edge’ release of Amethyst, by which I mean it should be regarded as an ‘interim’ build between our major beta releases: its new features are incomplete and are the software is not as fully tested as our full beta releases. As we draw closer to the final version of Amethyst Professional 1.0 we may release several ‘edge’ editions to allow users to try out new or improved features at an early stage and report back to us on any bugs or deficiencies as well as making any feature requests.

If you wish to try out this new edition, please visit the forum to read the release notes and find the download link (which may change when new releases are made). Then read my short guide to Flash IDE integration with Amethyst.

I should again emphasise that the Amethyst Flash IDE integration is still in development and we welcome feedback from interested users.

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