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Flash Debugger Boost - Amethyst new ’edge’ release

The latest interim (’edge’) build of Amethyst has major debugging additions
by Huw Collingbourne
Sunday 17 January 2010.

Today we released the latest build of Amethyst, SapphireSteel Software’s Flash Platform development suite for Visual Studio.

This is the second ‘edge’ release since our last full beta in December. This build contains many of the unique debugging features of the new Amethyst ‘Cylon’ debugger for ActionScript and Flash. Amethyst now has multi-process debugging to enable developers to debug multiple SWFs simultaneously. This extends the ‘listen-and-debug’ capability from the previous edge release to make it possible to ‘attach to process’ either by selecting specific processes or by ‘auto-attaching’ to any executing SWFs.

The ‘Cylon’ debugger has been significantly enhanced in the latest version of Amethyst. Amongst other things when you stop at a breakpoint you can now edit the values of variables (such as the string msg here) either in a Watch window or in a hovering ‘debug tip’.

This latest build (0.810) is designated as an ‘edge’ release which means that it includes features which are still in development and are less thoroughly tested than the features of our full beta releases. The last full beta is still available as an option.

For download details on the current edge release, please see the appropriate thread in the SapphireSteel Software forum.

For information (and a download link) for the last full beta of Amethyst, Beta 7 go to: Amethyst Download Page.

For information on Flash IDE integration which was added in the previous ‘edge’ release see this Blog entry.

We’ll be publishing more guidance to the features of the latest edge release of Amethyst and tutorials explaining how to use them here on the Blog during the coming weeks.

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