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Documentation Matters!

...yup, it really does!
by Huw Collingbourne
Monday 25 August 2008.

I just noticed this blog entry from a user of the Text Edition of Ruby In Steel.

I must admit that I was mightily pleased to read this comment:

“One thing I really like about Ruby In Steel is that is very well documented so you feel as though you are getting something of substance for the cost of the licence.”

The documentation is something into which I personally put a lot of effort. I’ve always felt that documentation is enormously important. Even so, it never seems like a major feature somehow. It’s not something you feel you can shout about: “Buy Ruby In Steel - it has good documentation!” See what I mean...?

Writing and updating the manual and the integrated help system (not to mention all the other pdf documents that come with the software) is a very time consuming business. It’s what I am doing right now, as a matter of fact - writing and illustrating the new features of the forthcoming update to Ruby In Steel Developer.

There have been many, many times over the past few years when I’ve wondered if the effort is justified. So I have to say that the blog entry I mentioned earlier really made my day. :-)

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  • Documentation Matters!
    26 August 2008, by Ronski

    Documentation (good documentation, that is) is normally taken for granted, until you discover that it either doesn’t exist or it is of poor quality. Now if only nature were to document itself, then we’d have far fewer problems trying to understand the basis for the human genome ;-)

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