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Debugging With FlashPlayer

A browser is purely optional
by Huw Collingbourne
Thursday 25 March 2010.

Over the past few months a few users of Amethyst have asked us if it is possible to run and debug applications in the FlashPlayer instead of inside a web browser. The answer is yes - and this is how.

By default Amethyst sets up two browsers for running and debugging. This gives you the ability to test programs in, for example, both Firefox and Internet Explorer. But you can also designate the FlashPlayer itself as a primary or secondary browser.

- Select Tools, Options, Projects and Solutions, Amethyst. Let’s assume you want to make your secondary browser the FlashPlayer.
- Select Web Browser (Secondary) and browse to the FlashPlayer. Make sure this is the Debug version of the FlashPlayer ( if you want debugging in Amethyst.

On my PC I set the path below to point to the debug version of FlashPlayer:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS4\Players\Debug\FlashPlayer.exe

Now I need to a debug version of the SWF.

- In Project, Properties open the Web page, select Launch Page and browse to the debug SWF which is built for your project - e.g. Here’s one of mine:


- Save the properties.

Now, I can run in either my primary target (a web browser) or my secondary target (the FlashPlayer). To do the latter I select the Amethyst menu and Use Secondary Browser (it could be your primary if that’s the one you designated in Tools/Options).

The SWF runs in the FlashPlayer.

And, as long as you have the debug FlashPlayer installed, you can also debug it in Amethyst:

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