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Debugging Ruby Programs

Breakpoints and tracing...
by Huw Collingbourne
Saturday 17 February 2007.

If you are used to debugging programs with the Visual Studio debugger, nothing less will do!

The debugger in Ruby In Steel Developer provides Ruby programs wth the debugging features you would expect of Visual Studio - and it’s a heck of a lot faster than the standard Ruby debugger too.

If you haven’t used the Developer Edition of Ruby In Steel, you might be interested to see a quick demo of some of its features. I’ve just recorded a short (a bit over three minutes) Camtasia movie to show how to set breakpoints, add watch variables by dragging-and-dropping into the Watch window, debug-to-breakpoint or trace-into methods. There’s also a quick view of the Locals window and an example of drill-down expansion in the Watch window.

That’s just a taster though. I’ll be looking at other debugging features such as the Autos window, the Call Stack and the Ruby On Rails debugger(s) at a later date...

We now have six short movies online. View them over on the Movies Page.

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