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Debugging Adobe Flex Applications With Amethyst

Watch the movie
by Huw Collingbourne
Wednesday 18 March 2009.

We put a great deal of emphasis on debugging. While the debugger in the current version of our Flex IDE, Amethyst, does not yet have the full range of debugging tools provided by our professional Ruby On Rails product, Ruby In Steel, it already has many of the most important debugging capabilities.

Amethyst beta 3 includes breakpoints with step into/step out/step over, a variety of debugging windows including Locals, Autos and Watch, drag-and-drop variables from the code editor into the Watch window, drilldown debugging to look ‘inside’ complex variables plus ‘hover and drilldown’ to expand multiple levels of information in popup debug inspectors right inside the code editor.

As I said, this is only the beginning. The final version of the Amethyst Professional debugger will have many more debugging capabilities. However, if you would like a quick overview of a few of the debugging features of the current Amethyst beta you may want to watch a short (2 minutes, 15 seconds) screencast movie which I just recorded. This includes narration so be sure to turn on your speakers or plug in your earphones.

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