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Book of Ruby - New Chapter :Symbols

by Huw Collingbourne
Tuesday 11 November 2008.

The eleventh chapter of The Book Of Ruby has just gone online. Get the book and all its source code free from The Book Of Ruby Download page.

The latest chapter of the Book Of Ruby looks into symbols. What exactly are they, what are they used for and why are they important in ‘meta programming’ - programs that can rewrite themselves at runtime?

The Book Of Ruby comes with all the source code of its example programs (loaded here into Ruby In Steel).

With the addition of Chapter 11, The Book Of Ruby now has 222 pages and it comes complete with 178 little ready-to-run demo programs to illustrate every topic described in the text. You can load these programs into any text editor and run them using the Ruby 1.8x interpreter from the command prompt. The download Zip also includes a solution file to let you load up all the programs into a single project for use with Ruby In Steel inside Visual Studio 2008.

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