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Book Of Ruby (free eBook) - chapter 17: Threads

by Huw Collingbourne
Sunday 14 December 2008.

The latest release of The Book Of Ruby now has 17 chapters and 323 pages. Its available as a free PDF document from The Book Of Ruby Download page.

If you’ve been reading the Blog lately you can’t have failed to notice that we’ve been writing lots of stuff about our new Amethyst IDE for developing Adobe Flex applications. Don’t get the idea that we’ve forgotten about Ruby, however! Not only are we working on the next update to Ruby In Steel Developer (free to registered users and due for release early in 2009) but I am also continuing work on my free Ruby programming tutorial, The Book Of Ruby, and have today uploaded a new chapter.

Chapter 17 goes into some detail on the hows and whys of those useful but confusing little things, Threads. Note that The Book Of Ruby concentrates on Ruby 1.8.x. The implementation of threads is changing in versions of Ruby currently in development (1.9.x leading towards 2.0). However, most people currently - and that includes Rails developers - use Ruby 1.8.x, so discussion of Ruby 2.0 threads will have to be deferred to a future date ;-)

As always, The Book Of Ruby comes complete with lots of ready to run sample programs, which can either be run at the command prompt using the regular Ruby interpreter or may be loaded into Ruby In Steel as a single solution, book-of-ruby.sln. If used inside Ruby In Steel, just load each program one at a time and press CTRL+F5 to run it in the docked interactive Ruby Console window.

There are now 275 sample programs so you should have plenty to play around with over Christmas! I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to get the next chapter online before the year is out. If not, then I’ll try to get it done early in January. Keep watching the Blog for news.

- The Book Of Ruby Download page

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